Sloth You Are!

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Philosophy was the crunch of my life, very subtle crunch.
I could crack it open without losing the flavours that governed the aura of my surroundings.
Deep thoughts with superficial actions, that’s how I defined myself most of the time; and I never found the exact term to define it, until he finally blurted it aloud!

Say what?

I met him as usual. It was the beach side.

Baby, how is your project progressing?”

Perfect!” I replied.

Oh! Nice, so has the testing and integration phase been completed?
My first reaction was my most loved gesture, the raised brow. I let out a naughty giggle. I cleared my throat to speak again; I knew this was going to be long.

Did you know I was a perfectionist?”
He looked puzzled, that was quite expected.

Perfectionist? You must be kidding me!

Alright, I’ll explain. There are two kinds of people who embrace the term perfection. The first kinds are the trivial perfectionists, who leave no stone upturned in completing anything and the second…

He cut me short. "There is a second kind too? Wiki needs to know!"

I slammed him back, “Thank you for the sarcasm, now would you like to listen?

Sure!” Though, the look on face was more of a mocking one.

And I was talking about the second kinds who start something, but have to terminate the same due to certain reasons.

That’s perfection baby?

Hell yeah! It works on the principle of ‘All or Nothing’! Either you remain in state 0 or completely move over to state 1. It’s a digital world honey!


Nah, it’s supposed to be wah!

And that’s exactly the moment when he finally got me the synonym of the conversation we had!

Animal Torture! ;)

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See This!

Engineering: What Next?

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Four years of vanished nostalgia, four years of ultimate and unexplained bliss; is what we call engineering. Maybe you’ve already made it big or yet to pull the trigger, at some point you’d know you’d be standing at the edge of a cliff which spells the end of engineering and wonder: What Next?
 And that’s exactly when the numerous options will start falling in place.
Many of us would start working; take up a campus placement job. But frankly, as Mr Narayan Murthy had quoted in early July 2010, the IT industry has taken away many engineers away from the core stream.
Choosing what decision to make after engineering depends a lot on how you see yourself in the subsequent ten years post engineering.
If it’s a stable job along with steady growth that you’re looking for, campus placements, which would mostly place you with the IT Cos., would be just fine. But if you’re more ambitious, and by ambitious I mean specific non-IT, a host of careers await you; careers which could be core engineering or completely of the alternative genre like writing, music, entrepreneurship etc.
The figures speak for themselves: Almost 70% of Indian bloggers today are engineers; if you were to dig deep into an Indian metal band, there is a strong affirmative tendency of all or some of the band members being engineers!
Today, alternative careers have become a trend after engineering, since engineering as a process has become a 360 degree learning program, in evidently based on real and practical life.

The second option would be further flexing your learning curve; a la higher education.
Here too, we’d either remain faithful to engineering and pursue a masters in engineering or technology or divert from it, in such a way where in the best of engineering could be used to develop a host of other skills like management.
If you had a particular affinity to your core subjects in engineering, a masters in the same is a natural choice. In India, the options to the same can be achieved by answering exams like GATE. If studying abroad is your preferred option, you have to prepare for the GRE, which could be a general one or a specialised subject of your choice. This has to be backed with English eligibility exams like TOEFL or IELTS.
Another popular choice is the MBA. Ideally, to pursue a masters in management, one would require work experience, but today, a fresher’s mind and attitude is what institutes look out for perfect moulding. In India, to pursue a degree in management, there are innumerable colleges, but the smart decision is knowing and choosing the right one. The IIMs, IITs and other elite colleges like MDI and XLRI feature in the best of the lot; which open their gates to aspirants on the basis of exams like CAT, XAT, MAT etc. But the actual test is getting past through the Group Discussion and Personal Interview that the institutes conduct. Hence, it so boils down that along with academic eligibility, it is very much necessary for an aspirant to have a strong all round profile which reflects extra-curricular activities and the passion to succeed.
Specially, if one is interested studying abroad for the same, it is absolutely necessary to have a competitive edge over the numerous applicants that apply. This can be only achieved by steady profile building; by following one’s passion and constructing a concrete plan for the same.
To sum it up, I’d say an engineer has a lot to choose from, given the diverse set of skills he possesses. All that is ever going to steer his way is his passion!

The Metamorphosis

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It was my first day without him, and I was already facing the heat.

It looked like it was going to rain. No sun. Yeah my sunshine was away; and there was no alternative.

I came to be the sunflower who worshipped the sun. But rains merged the distance. He said he would see me when we metamorphosed.

I wait for the time when the warm rays of the sun would turn to be the trickling drops of rain and I would be the rain flower; to sew in the distance that had clawed many a scars.

Metamorphosis is a function of time; and time heals everything.


He missed being on my petals, flowing down the stem at times; and I loved caressing him, making him flow like he never did.

For now, I am grooming to bloom; looking upwards to see a rain pattern. Black clouds give me a high.

I have a countless prayers inside me, that have now surfaced. Grant me my life.

The almighty assured me it would rain, and it will make me bloom. He smiled. I knew he was coming; and I couldn’t wait.

I knew he could see me, and so could I but with no complete metamorphosis, union was impossible…

Stop For A Knock!

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Yeah, generate something… something… like what?

Jaya, this one’s for you. You wanted this to be up. Thanks for praying so hard. Your dream’s finally turning to reality! Party! :P

What’s touching me these days…?

It’s the wind, and bah… this strong sunlight which was so non-existent for 15 days while on that blissful tour.

If you really want to have a look at the pics, why not hop in here.

My last post was like ages back… no, no, it’s not whether blogging still interests me or not, I’m still so passionate about it… but now, the thoughts just don’t seem to put up in one place, so that I can frame them together… instead, all I see is a mad dance.

(A question for my thought: Hey, you guys putting up The Mate Dance huh? Just like the bees… remember, remember! LOL!)

About something significant that happened, well, I met a very old friend afer a wait of five years! Phew! Now that’s certainly something. Find the pic somewhere below.

Apurva, thanks for making it here! It was a pleasure!

I'd write more...

For now, G-E-N-E-R-A-T-E!!!