The fabrication of a ‘lost’ gain!

| Friday, June 13, 2008 | 18 Shouts! |

With the skies a gleaming white, everything so lucid and forever enriching, all worth a dropdown. Or better, a showdown.
But am not one of those guys who’ll admire it to the core; spiritually and literally.

I have a relational database and I don’t really take much time relating this scene to a few scattered events.

Loneliness is the key and isolation is the lock. Both fit in perfectly. But not always!

Starring through the window, I get stuck in the still image being set in front of me. Movement could still mean stillness. That’s illusion.
The only unnatural sound is the tinkling sound of a drop of rain falling over a crushed can of bear, and am not happy.
Silence is golden, but an impurity in gold makes you think. So, I better be thankful.

Shifting my eyesight downwards by about seventy-five degrees, I can see some movement that is definitely not human.
I make my day. I see a green tree snake lurking in the wet grass. I smile. Awesome beauty.
The other day illusion and distance blew me. Mistook a full-grown earthworm for a baby snake.

I hate green but I love the shades.

Have an old blow up poster re-pasted on the walls of my room. Maybe to commemorate the winds of change. It’s one of the best of my High-Skies collection.

The Mormugao Port is barely functional, cause the rains make it run into ‘dry’ business. Didn’t really hear about weird ship names like “Pyaare Amma” (Japanese or Indonesian vessel) from dad. Subjects of a hearty laugh.

Rains do make me more nature-inclined. At least for a month or two. My resistivity to the same hits an all time low.
I feel like an electron following the conventional flow of current. (Too conventional!)

And now, all that I wanna do is wake up…


Careless whispers...!

| Monday, June 9, 2008 | 10 Shouts! |

There was something about this tree which was different. Even when there are numerous such trees in the campus, yet this one attracts me, to the core!

Never been much of a tree lover; in fact, never been one. But, this one has left me stranded, wanting for more, and maybe I just can't get enough of it.
I am standing looking at it, in the hot sun, blinking at it, as if this is all what I've been waiting for my whole life.

The graceful falling of the red flowers, as they say in the light summer breeze has a different air to it.

This tree has always been there. But only autumn has made me realize its presence. The college is always abuzz with activities. Sounds of laughter and jokes swirling in the corridors.
With more than a thousand students in the campus, I still wait and have a look at the Gulmohar tree. Its always like it's saying something to me. And me, am endlessly smiling to it.

The tree, sometimes complaining of excessive blooms only in the autumn, cause that's the only time I've marveled at it.

The red flowers on the green grass seem like heaven. Even a bad sem paper can still mean am smiling with folded hands, glancing looks at the tree.
It definitely has a story to tell, but maybe I just pretend to listen; though the only action I perform is getting mesmerized.

Careless whispers...

The waterfall in my backyard!.. Pics!!!

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Check out the pics guys!!!!

The Waterfall in my backyard!

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No, don't be mistaken! I don't stay in a natural jungle, ( you, know you gotta specify, considering the two types of jungles existing today; the concrete jungle and the natural jungle! :P )
Or neither do I stay in an ideal waterfall-to-be place.

This is my backyard, and all I can see when it rains is a waterfall!!!
Okay, not A WATERFALL, but loads of them!

With this hill thing in my backyard, there are small falls created every year during the monsoons.
Soon enough, the balcony feels my presence, cause this is the only time of the year that I make it my hang out place! ( A bit 'gadaarish' right? :P )

Armed with a relax chair, my cellphone ( to blog of course! ) and a cool mind, it doesn't take much time for it to be my den!
Or else, otherwise, it's just a storeroom of old books and magazines. with me here, it's transformed to a storeroom of thoughts! Ahem!

back to the waterfall, when the intensity of the downpour is greater than or equal to what can be qualified as 'raining cats and dogs!', the fall starts appearing; all milky white!!!
Believe me, it's a visual treat!

The milky white water, as graceful, pure and innocent it may seem plays a significant role in giving shape to the hills. Lots of landslides ( okay, better call it 'rockslides', or I have to get my flat assured against natural calamities! ) have taken place here.
As the water cuts through the rocks, it shows it's otherwise underestimated strength! After all, it's even stronger than fire, cause it's the only one to possess the power of destroying it!

If you've ever been to the Dudhsagar Falls in the Western Ghats ( yeah, I've been! ), the backyard falls proportionately would qualify as Dudhsagar for Lilliputs!

Well, that is exactly what I do!

I 'Lilliputise' myself and marvel at the Dudhsagar in my backyard!!