The Bond of Threads, Processes and Other Strengtheners

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Overdrawn. Yes.
Delayed. Yes.
Intensity of feelings faded? No.
Distance related issues? No frigging way!

Again, this ain't about some guy. This is for you Shweta Nadkarni, a.k.a Tweta!

This one was long overdue for you Shweta. I miss you. Hell, yes.

Something about the pic : This was taken during the last days of engineering. Fun week. The day we all dressed as kids.
This one's an excerpt from a super PPT Tweta had created for me on Friendship Day. The best gift I ever received.

Friends make the journey worthwhile. Noted. Celebrated. Awesomeness!

An Absolute Frame Of Randomness

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No, I'm not going to be talking about relativity. Though yes, relativity enthralls, the theory. The best thing ever.

I was to write a post, but I guess a poem should do the job. No, I'm not a hopeless romantic. Though some people might disagree, infinitely.
Motion and motive, is in the mind. Not calorie wise for the former.

Annihilation of the strongest,
Cause he seeks no monotony, He'd be all splendid to give in to this cacophony.

Your suicide is his murder,
Conflict raised, Passion never bestowed.
And there goes your soul, a mellow attempt at loathing fear.

When you search and find no calm,
That's when you dig into memories for the very lost charm.

I'm not sure what I've just written. Very random. I know.
But hey, I find my analogy in a random number generator. Only this time, replace numbers with words.