The Engineering ‘Un’advantage!

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Nurturing a dream is one thing and getting nurtured (unnurtured in this case! ) is another.

Engineering was/is one such nurture.

Much of my thoughts, like of many others wistfully sublimed when shot with what next after school.

Hardly a made up matter, but it WAS and HAD to be engineering!

And there were definitely many reasons to it, not one being redundant

Finally, I am in an engineering college to air the reasons.

The Fresher Year was fun. All we had to do was get ragged by seniors, awe at the marvelous campus and the pen-ultimate would be to find the answers to many a questions that we actually sung… like Somewhere I Belong by Linkin’ Park, but yeah hardly study. It’s like a reward for the extreme ‘tortures’ that we faced in answering all those coveted (Yeah right!) engineering entrance exams. Not to forget the difficult times to choose which college would be our den for the next four years.

Later in our post-junior year, the scene:

Academics (Here, it is personified, mind you!) as if in frustration gives you back all that you ‘possibly’ deserve…

Like deadlines for completion of journals, no notes and material to study from, attendance issues, sad outdated frustration-invoking subjects, sadder classmates who’d be nine pointers cause they’ve got the awesome, flattering ability to rataa-marofy every single line in the text book and so on…

Output: Utter frustration, fed-up feeling and an attempt to unbelong to engineering.

But hello, all these feelings are invoked internally, like in program compiling.

But, you possibly wouldn’t succumb to all those. At the most, all you could do as a consequence of the invoking would be crib to like-minded studs (other frustu engicos! :P), give up for a few days… (Engineering ultimately sucks you in!) and in my case would be writing a yayaver blog! (LOL!)

But hey Mr. Engg ain’t that bad. The infinite techie terms which engineering teaches us find their way recursively in blogging rather than my sem-end answer booklets!

One example:

Me and a group of friends were treating ourselves for dessert at Baskin Robin’s.

The infinite flavors available always put us in a fix.

Me- “Hey, I think I’d satisfy myself with World Class Choc” (It’s a flavor!)

A friend- “Hot choc over pineapple for me.”

Me- (Getting tempted by the hot choc topping…) “Hot choc topping for me too!”

A friend- “Err… Shradha, ain’t hot choc over World Class Choc a bit redundant?”

And that left me thinking about the word REDUNDANCY rather than the redundancy itself!

Boy, now that’s the story of how our ice-cream got a bit ‘techie’ised!

There are many more of these… I’d probably have a ‘blogfull’ of these!

Two more years of bliss with vengeance and I know I WOULD and HAVE to make it!


Duh! :P

The Syntax Of A Resurrection 'Under'statement!

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It's cold and raw. As I look around, the earth seems funnily flabbergasted. The sky, that of a sarcastic hue. I feel like being woken up with a start! I start imagining movement. I reluctantly flag my imagination and as if in acknowledgment, I see a candid illustration in the sky.Like what???
I make sure to hold me, to hold me in one piece so that I can make sense of what I see. An imaginary brush is wading through the sky. I concentrate at it now.
This brush, it first makes a long straight line and then a semi-circle from the end point of the same line. The curve's been adjusted the way we adjust the curves in CAD. (Wow!, I can actually relate!) The curve's small and stops at the mid-point of the same line. Not over as yet. Inclining itself at 45 degrees to the same line, it starts to rush out till it's at level with the same line again.
Eh? Like WHAT was that?
My eyebrow's raised and am literally gasping about what I see. My concentration's getting concentrated to the ultimate level; so much so that I wonder whether it could actually ignite a fire!
As if sensing my helplessness, I see a replay again.. again AND again!
Suddenly, the dumbness inside me fades and I realize it's a..... "R"!
(I almost thought it was a big fat "L" for me! Shit! Though I know I can't really call myself one now! P.S:"L"oser!)
What's that supposed to mean? My name doesn't start with an 'R' and neither my latest crush's! :P (Ya right!)
I grit at this... Yeah still gritting... Gritting and gritting...
And that's when I see the answer!
What?"I am not dead!” I shouted at the voice within!'Ahem!!!' was the answer I got!
My face suddenly has a change of expressions and the whole thing suddenly makes sense.
The Dark Gal's turning into a dead one! I sympathize with my blog which hasn't seen much of me since June. Oh my.. I can actually hear it’s cries and wails! :P
What a hint! I almost 'un'figured it!
Two months has been a long time and I must admit; I have been lazy and busy, occupied and a couch! (Neutralized eh? :P)Yeah whatever!
i am IN now! And now it's getting dark again! (It's absolutely not my problem that the night has stolen the darkness from me! :P)Hahahaa... (The weird and wicked one...!)
Put all this in an endless loop... Ha!
Infinity should be the infinite answer! :)

The fabrication of a ‘lost’ gain!

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With the skies a gleaming white, everything so lucid and forever enriching, all worth a dropdown. Or better, a showdown.
But am not one of those guys who’ll admire it to the core; spiritually and literally.

I have a relational database and I don’t really take much time relating this scene to a few scattered events.

Loneliness is the key and isolation is the lock. Both fit in perfectly. But not always!

Starring through the window, I get stuck in the still image being set in front of me. Movement could still mean stillness. That’s illusion.
The only unnatural sound is the tinkling sound of a drop of rain falling over a crushed can of bear, and am not happy.
Silence is golden, but an impurity in gold makes you think. So, I better be thankful.

Shifting my eyesight downwards by about seventy-five degrees, I can see some movement that is definitely not human.
I make my day. I see a green tree snake lurking in the wet grass. I smile. Awesome beauty.
The other day illusion and distance blew me. Mistook a full-grown earthworm for a baby snake.

I hate green but I love the shades.

Have an old blow up poster re-pasted on the walls of my room. Maybe to commemorate the winds of change. It’s one of the best of my High-Skies collection.

The Mormugao Port is barely functional, cause the rains make it run into ‘dry’ business. Didn’t really hear about weird ship names like “Pyaare Amma” (Japanese or Indonesian vessel) from dad. Subjects of a hearty laugh.

Rains do make me more nature-inclined. At least for a month or two. My resistivity to the same hits an all time low.
I feel like an electron following the conventional flow of current. (Too conventional!)

And now, all that I wanna do is wake up…


Careless whispers...!

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There was something about this tree which was different. Even when there are numerous such trees in the campus, yet this one attracts me, to the core!

Never been much of a tree lover; in fact, never been one. But, this one has left me stranded, wanting for more, and maybe I just can't get enough of it.
I am standing looking at it, in the hot sun, blinking at it, as if this is all what I've been waiting for my whole life.

The graceful falling of the red flowers, as they say in the light summer breeze has a different air to it.

This tree has always been there. But only autumn has made me realize its presence. The college is always abuzz with activities. Sounds of laughter and jokes swirling in the corridors.
With more than a thousand students in the campus, I still wait and have a look at the Gulmohar tree. Its always like it's saying something to me. And me, am endlessly smiling to it.

The tree, sometimes complaining of excessive blooms only in the autumn, cause that's the only time I've marveled at it.

The red flowers on the green grass seem like heaven. Even a bad sem paper can still mean am smiling with folded hands, glancing looks at the tree.
It definitely has a story to tell, but maybe I just pretend to listen; though the only action I perform is getting mesmerized.

Careless whispers...

The waterfall in my backyard!.. Pics!!!

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Check out the pics guys!!!!

The Waterfall in my backyard!

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No, don't be mistaken! I don't stay in a natural jungle, ( you, know you gotta specify, considering the two types of jungles existing today; the concrete jungle and the natural jungle! :P )
Or neither do I stay in an ideal waterfall-to-be place.

This is my backyard, and all I can see when it rains is a waterfall!!!
Okay, not A WATERFALL, but loads of them!

With this hill thing in my backyard, there are small falls created every year during the monsoons.
Soon enough, the balcony feels my presence, cause this is the only time of the year that I make it my hang out place! ( A bit 'gadaarish' right? :P )

Armed with a relax chair, my cellphone ( to blog of course! ) and a cool mind, it doesn't take much time for it to be my den!
Or else, otherwise, it's just a storeroom of old books and magazines. with me here, it's transformed to a storeroom of thoughts! Ahem!

back to the waterfall, when the intensity of the downpour is greater than or equal to what can be qualified as 'raining cats and dogs!', the fall starts appearing; all milky white!!!
Believe me, it's a visual treat!

The milky white water, as graceful, pure and innocent it may seem plays a significant role in giving shape to the hills. Lots of landslides ( okay, better call it 'rockslides', or I have to get my flat assured against natural calamities! ) have taken place here.
As the water cuts through the rocks, it shows it's otherwise underestimated strength! After all, it's even stronger than fire, cause it's the only one to possess the power of destroying it!

If you've ever been to the Dudhsagar Falls in the Western Ghats ( yeah, I've been! ), the backyard falls proportionately would qualify as Dudhsagar for Lilliputs!

Well, that is exactly what I do!

I 'Lilliputise' myself and marvel at the Dudhsagar in my backyard!!

Obsession v/s Phobia... And lots more!!!

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Phobia! Everyone has some of this. Dormant or not! Read somewhere, being phobic ( or rather getting phobic ) is a phobia itself!

Am phobic to asymmetry! Lots! Sounds weird? Well, it is, unwind this weirdness as you read on!

Even as I am writing this, am hoping to give a touch of symmetry to this post in my own possible way. May seem crap, but I define it this way;

Symmetry is my obsession, and asymmetry- the complete phobia surrounding me!

I know its kinda 'maniacy', but hey everyone does have a passion to either hate or love or get obsessed with something. Might be dormant in you, but if you think, think and just keep thinking, it will definitely erupt in you.
Depending on what it is, it can be good or bad, harmful or just neutral. It's all on your luck and flavor.

Coming back to symmetry, it's maybe because being a student of science and maths that it's so relevant in my life. And moreover, dwelling in programming, it has made me believe that nothing ever can exist that is even more beautiful that SYMMETRY!

That's my obsession, and that's the virtual height of it!

The other day, in Belgaum ( Oh, well I really did have a nice time in Belgaum with an all-cousins meet, birthdays and lots more jungle hangouts! Pics coming soon!! ),
my cousins and myself, we were having a game of cards. I wasn't really interested in choosing my strategy for the game of cards, but i was rather thinking about the pack of cards and relating stuff...
( By the way, I won the game of cards! )

This is what all I had to think:

Life is like a game of cards. It can be as random as when the cards are shuffled or as in sequence when it's arranged! All on time and situations.
Imagine some of the cards to be some bad events and some good ones. It's always that we know there are events of varied types and we do know that they have always existed, but it's still that we have to regret over the existence or non-existence of everything. We do it quite often, don't we??
It's all about playing your cards well. You might end up with varied cards of different cadre and color which have their own significance. And sometimes, you might end up with a joker, don't be surprised! You really do need all these elements of life. You need cards like a joker, cause some of the default cards can't satisfy the momentary requirements.

Moving on, I get into more of thinking. And, I start wondering whether if at all I am a perfectionist!

I always knew I was a perfectionist. But the world just doesn't see me that way. And somewhere deep down, I knew I wasn't one of those typical types of perfectionists with a sparkling smile over their 'near-perfection' achievements!
I knew I was something else, though not too much of a deviation from the ideal.

Hence, here's a conclusion I've got after lotsa thinking.

There are two kinds of perfectionists. First ones are the types which never leave any task incomplete and are hell bent on completing everything they come across.
The second type would be who destroy or deinitialize any task they have undertaken. After all or nothing, both are perfections right??
Mind you, deinitializing does mean recoil to the initial, not letting off go or compromising with your standards or activities.

I undoubtedly belong to the second category.

Belgaum, being my native place; sometimes I have a strong belongingness to that place, and sometimes am just glad I unbelong as i call myself an 'Unknown Goan'! (Does mean that I belong a bit to everywhere, but not necessarily the same way I would think every second.)

I say know your roots. If you don't want to, or don't want to, due to the different situations and times, then make your present level your root and move on to higher grounds.
In short, progress or rather move out, if you can't move in deeper and relate to where you currently belong.

But remember one thing; don't ever forget where you belong now. It's human tendency to have a sense of belongingness somewhere or to someone. And if you are lucky, you might just have the right place or person to belong to. The world will envy you, but the nerve of 'botheration' shouldn't really be visible on your forehead. If at all it is, you end up losing your happiness.
And in a case where you don't get the better of the two worlds, make your world the best one! In any case, don't compromise with your happiness.

Happiness shouldn't really be a state of mind, but an ego to be accomplished at any cost. This way, you remain happy forever.
After all, the most important person in this world should be you! No one thinks as much about you as you think of yourself. There is nobody quite so much interested, and it is not right they should be.
each has his own admiration in himself. Think about this.

Whatever you desire or deeply form an intent for, you can have, for in the development of your interior thought-forces your desires will frame them within measurable size.
Commitment for yourself is vital. For as it touches you, you touch all points in the universe!

Your first duty is to yourself. You do not perform for the world, you perform for an audience of one- YOURSELF!!!

So long, Happy Being YOU! ( Phew, that was a long one after a long time! That's what you call piled up thoughts! )


Simplicity-The Mother of Complexity!

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Wish time could stop, wish it could give us another chance to re-live the experiences and delicacies of life.

Wanna generalize a statement,
If you ever wanna know when and how you gonna go through bad times, count the number of times you are happy. Many a times,having too much of happiness and an accomplished feeling could only mean bad times. This is simply because of your standard of happiness. Anything below that is depressing. Quite practical, isn't it?
Have experienced quite a lot of these. Never have an out of the world feeling. It can kick you out of your cozy and happy cocoon. believe me!
Never trust anyone too much that you risk your entire happiness quotient on that single person or thing. Too risky you know.

It's like the stock market, you either gain plentifully or you fall to unimaginable depth. Too bad.

Ever wondered what's the driving principle of complexity? It's simplicity! Yes, it is!
The stock market is an example. Stocks and shares seem so complex to any layman. But what is it? (I believe:)
Some blunt philosophy ruling on the fact of setting standards and looking above or below it. Everything else is figurable. Just that you got to set the right standard and look above or below it at the right time. Think about this, not too difficult to imagine you know!

My experiment for the season: Looking out or rather putting in a bit of sarcasm in everything I come across.
The latest: What could be the possible sarcasm of a black hole? Simple:
That 'he' (had to be male since it was my first crush!) actually like a front rider with an air of pride asking Mr. Light to pass through him and not turn into its better half! (Mr. Darkness of course!)

Weirdly, it's all a mind game. Aah! Forget it, too much of arbit thinking in the play.

Instead, let us ponder over these questions:

What's The Past of The Past?

What's The Future of The Future?

No, these are not simple and obvious answers. Just like its not that obvious that one raised to infinity ain't one! It's THAT obvious!

If you've ever read space science, you'd probably know about 'time zero' and 'singularity' (no, not of a black hole!)
And if you have, these questions always troubles me:

If there was a zero time, was it negative before? Was it like, theories getting reversed?

Cause at singularity,(I call it the big daddy Zeus! Cause everything starts and ends from here!) every known theory breaks down.

And that's how we come across THE THEORY OF EVERYTHING!...

Well, this could go on, if you really are interested in this, we could have a chat over coffee! You see, a lot can happen over coffee! :P
For now, I think I'd end this space science, or it might just seem like 'rocket' science to you!

From space science to rocket science, its getting hotter and hotter in Goa. can no longer battle the heat here. So, moving to higher ground. A la Belgaum! On a vacation.( making it one of study hols alloted!)

So, no blogging for a week or so.

Till then you could just scratch your head and find some cumulative solutions to the questions above and satisfy yourself with the feeling that we have a 'Geniass' in the making!

So long!


Cheers! ( With a glass of bear of course!)

Absolutely nothing for an everything!

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Internals around the corner!
What better than wasting time and not studying?!
Just what is happening with me. A book is the worse thing in hand, and notes and syllabus to complete even worse!!!
I believe I'll have it now!!

Have nothing to blog about except equations and formulae, which I believe not everyone is happy looking at!!

Cheers ( Don't think it was for me! )

Living on the 'blunt' edge of life!

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This one should have come before the previous one, but.. do I look like I care?? :P

April 16, 2008: Had a ball of a time! It was time for the field trip of the Eco Club I belong to of our college.
Seriously refreshing and relieving too! The previous day saw just blank confused faces, some of the members didn't really know whether to make it up or not.
Every community or club you form, you are bound to come across some fools who would like to deny themselves of some pleasure and deny others too.
But then, its upon the 'core' and 'happening' members to decide and let the show run, whatever or whoever!!

We did just that and ignoring a few problem elements, set out on a trip to Big Foot, Loutolim!
Had two of our prof-in-charge accompanying us. Turned out to be a huge success!
We Engineering studs actually played like kids all day long at the venue which was really close to nature. It was a huge rubber plantation with lots of trees and shade! What else could 'quench' our thirst on a hot and humid day!

Played all kinds of games ranging from Antakshari to kho kho to all the kiddish things you can think of! It was school days-resurrected! Redefined!

Really thankful to all who made the trip possible!!!



The Worse Nightmare!

| Tuesday, April 22, 2008 | 1 Shouts! |


Heard it right! Had the pleasure of going through a nightmare, one of the worse for an ENGINEERING student!

Here it is:

Scene: I get transferred or rather admitted to a strange place, very clean and the air smells weird! (yes, I could smell the air in my dream!) After much sniffing around, I realize that I have welcomed myself in a MEDICAL COLLEGE! And somehow, I've been admitted to the age long course in dentistry! Yuk!

I feel trapped and suffocating! Really! I start to miss all the programming that I have done, start to miss all the machines and workshops I have seen in Engineering! Sob!... And that's when the prof catches me dreaming. Turns out, I am attending a class on Human Anatomy! Yuk! Yuk! Yuk! Sharp eyed, the prof questions me about some weird stuff that is supposed to exist in the human body! I feel like puking!

Class over. I move out of the class and find myself in the corridors of hell (obviously!)

Turns out, my so called seniors have finished a class and they are actually getting out of the class asking each other to get their 'skulls' next class! SPOOKY dude! Real spooky!!!

I gulp! I yell! But just about no one's listening!

......... And then, knock knock!!! I wake up, and I am glad I woke up!

Might sound silly to some, but frankly, this nightmare was real scary!!



And now, The Good, the Bad and the ummm..

| Sunday, April 13, 2008 | 0 Shouts! |
JEE 2008!

Something that I was waiting and for, and something I am glad is finally over!

So glad!

Well, it was good, paper-II being a lot easier than paper-I. No, I wouldn't like to discuss any more of it!

" Don't lower your goals to the level of your abilities. Instead, raise your abilities to the height of your goals. "

How true, and how so relevant to me! A friend messaged it to me, its the most motivating thing I've come across since yesterday! No jokes! Thanks Raj, your optimism is so contagious!

Anyways, its been a great day, intellectually tiring and stuff, but yes satisfying!

I don't really have much to write today, except that expressing my current passion: Cryptography!

Man! This field is amazing! I believe its not given the space it deserves, but it's really witty!

Keep watching for more on this, am sure to follow up with it..
Resources! That's the need of the hour!

But, I'll get it done!

Anyways, too sleepy to write anything more...

Bon Nuit!


The Good, the Bad, the Ignored!

| Friday, April 11, 2008 | 0 Shouts! |
No blogs for the past two days.. Nah, was neither busy nor preoccupied. Just a lot of time gone into thinking, thinking and THINKING!
Yeah, I love thinking, specially about the right person or thing, and being the human brain it can lead you to any corner of the universe! Belive me!

9th of April has been one of the most beautiful days of my life. It couldn't go out of mention you know! I think I'd reserve this to a long 'mail' instead!

These two days have been long and hectic, but whatever it is, one friend can make you forget everything that you've gone through and make you feel like 'HOME'!
Its a long away and sometimes frustrating but its worthwhile to go through the paranoia that encompasses you inside.

Dunno, but I think its time I mend my ways and start looking out of the box. After talking to a friend, I realized i could not waste time doing things that I've been doing. It's confusing!
I have always been more of an extra-curricular person, doing everything except more studies.
But then, at the end of the day, what does everyone look out for? Academics results right? Thats frustu! And sometimes it gets over me, non-handlable!

But anyways, do drop in a suggestion if you can find a way out of this mess in my head!
Till then, I sing..
I wanna heal, I wanna feel; what I thought was never real..
I wanna let go off the pain I've held so long..

( No, dude, don't drop in to tell me you're singing the same! :-P )

Anyways, whether am as useless or not, I know I am doing something for you to read- my blog! ;-P ( Okay, bad joke! )

Can't really find anything to write upon.

Well, today we had our techfest Manthan going on.
Me participated in crossfire (debate) and Now Showing (movie making)
Didn't really 'churn' out results but not a bad attempt for a junior amongst seniors. (I believe!)

Lets see what's in store for me tomorrow.

Till then Allah hafiz!

( Frankly, I run out of different-kinds-of-byes every time I end my blog!)

My new bye:


( No, no.. no abuses, just non- debuggable content)

Music-The rythm of life!

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Been about a fortnight since I am blogging and a friend mentioned about how is it that MUSIC has still not found a way into my blog!

So, Mr. Music, this blog goes out to you.

Ever since I have made sense of what I could hear, music has been an eternal part of me! ( isn't this happening to everyone? Hmmm... Dumb! )

Have been listening to almost all types and kind of music..
But there are some which deserve a mention, some which are real close to


I have not really heard any other rock band playing such 'neat' and 'arranged' music! Seriously! All the others seem just seem to be some 'indecent' noise to me ( with an exception of some songs of course!)

Chester's voice is among the strongest voice I've heard and Mike's rap is like of an intelligent style and manner. ( oh, Fort Minor too deserves appreciation with Mike's all the gang!)

The best songs of linkin park are an entity that can be overhears! No, its impossible to have an order of the best! If you listen to linkin park, you must have realized that each day you'd love one song more than anything else and some day you'd listen to all or none!

Today's favorite is the song with an awesome video! SOMEWHERE I BELONG!

Tomorrow would be My December! Cause its going to be my day tomorrow! Are you reading for-whom-this-is-written??



Ignorance is bliss!

| Monday, April 7, 2008 | 1 Shouts! |
Nice saying! with lots of scope for improvement!!

First of all, apologizes for not blogging for not writing up for a week. Was too busy with things. ( okay, just the cellphone! )
Time, this is one factor which can be good or bad, long or short. Its never satisfying, never! Even when we have a lot of it, we end up wasting it or not knowing the importance of it, and when we have it in scarce amount, we grumble like fools!

Things happen too fast and sometimes too slow, but they have a lasting impact. It makes you go through such uncomfortable and delicate situations where in a wrong stimulus could end up you losing a friend, a person you love! Its all too diplomatic! You either overlook the things you have lost or just keep regretting over it. Both fetch you nothing! That's why i say, Ignorance Is Bliss!

But when it comes to your friends, every philosophy fails! Its like the point of singularity of a black hole where in even light gets defied of its rules and conventions. Its that strong!
Friends ( just your true ones!) don't really need you following rules to get them right, you just need to be yourself, and if you think you need to have rules just for everybody you met... dude! Get a life!

But, one fact! You wouldn't necessarily get a friend who remains all through you, thick and thin. Believe me! Its damn difficult, almost close to impossible. When it's a new day everyday, why not a new behavior everyday? The whole point is, find a friend who'd walk with you, keep pace with you the way you change, not with others relative to you.

but, believe me! Trust your friends like no other! You'll definitely not regret doing it!

And me, myself.. I have three of them who are so flauntable! Nah, and no, They are for LIFE!

Just another day at college. Chem is getting boring than ever before, programming interesting and electronics is doing nothing more than gulping me! Maths is like a person at 40, just carrying on!

Oh well, had a bad migraine attack! ( no comments please! )
And this was not because of chocolates as usual!

don't have much to say about anything else.. presently I am in the 'countdown' mood... ( or mode!)...
Waiting for something and someone...




Ressurection after life!

| Monday, March 31, 2008 | 0 Shouts! |

Wondering what this is? 'Life After Life'!! Came across this in this last two days. Literally it means, even after having life, you know you dont and then suddenly you realise that , it was it that you were waiting for!!

Yeah, am philosophical, infact lots philosophical....

Everything happening with me has to be concluded with a philosophical chant!!!

Moving on to some serious talks, we have been learning since our school days about the balance in nature, the cosmic power about good over evil, about lowness to highness...and so on...

We never do realise the meaning of it, just know the literal meaning..
But when we do come across events happening in our life, we naturally are awed by its depth and trueness..

And this is exactlt what I came across, a subdued feeling of dejection with a whole lot of heavy head... but if you are right and you can see through all this mist in front of you, you will see a solution, an answer. The previous blog mentioned about me being an angel, an answer to man's problem in the play. Well, someone else can do that job for you for a while!

( Okay, I know some of this or probably all of this will sound non-sense to some of you'll but I cant make it too personal you know )

Been an okie-okie day today...
Was just up with friends discussing the sad types in our class, and believe me, more than half are true saddies!

From the saddies to the noticed, chemistry lectures ARE real boring, even the prof says so! Well dude, thats the state of our education system!

Education system! Oh yes, I have a presentation on the topic 'Defects in the current education system and suggestions for the same'. Duh! Pretty boring!

Note: I have nothing against the reserved category students!

But, there's something about reservations which I think is really unfair. I mean almost half the people in my class are from the reserved category. Some deserve to be here and some don't. its all unfair at times. And yeah, a mention about this point in my presentation is gonna give me some hard looks, am sure! But do I look like I care??

Anyways, well I've written enough but this one blog is not what you could read and satisfy yourself! Well, I believe its not up to the mark! But, hey every day is different right?



Heal The World!!

| Saturday, March 29, 2008 | 0 Shouts! |

That was what our mime was called! Huge success, atleast in terms of satisfaction! Loved my part, The Angel! Or rather Man's Answer To His Problems!
The best feedback I've got from my professor was the one that said "We loved your smile, your entry!"
What could be more flattering! And the response from the audience, aah well...awesome!!
And yeah was nicknamed The Angel In Jeans! ( No, didn't really have something 'flowy' to symbolize an angel, but i believe the acting said it all!! ).
The backstage was fun with just all of us acting weird, whackos! Yeah, yeah there was an air of kiddishness in us, as if the mime wasn't enough! :-p
Had planned a movie after the mime, but the SUN, its just geeting on my nerves! Just don't feel like moving out in the afternoons! Pity India playing South Africa in such sun!

Well, its all too symbolic, we actually had a scene in the mime where in the sun turned from yellow to red once we have all the global issue like pollution cropping in. Just proved it this afternoon!

There were other performances too! Like, almost every wannabe singer with a guitar ( oh yeah, thats my new craze- to learn the guitar! ) was on stage performing some number hoping to soothe our rock-programmed ears!
The best one as I was told, was the performance by the college band! They sang Vande Mataram! Real fodus!!
And yeah before that was a tango by my seniors ( well, well, do i have to arbit around, wanting to do everything that I see!!?? ) which was duly appreciated!!

A li'l late to mention, but the performance on the sitar and tabla by my batchmates were equally commendable!! And yeah, the Bharatnatyam dancers too!!


It was all too good!!

Al in a day, yeah all in a day!!


Lets Get It Started!

| Friday, March 28, 2008 | 1 Shouts! |
Started blogging pretty late.. Oh yeah I know!
But this is not really my first blog, had gotten over this fever while in 11th! But now, Engg only tells me to go ahead!

Just another day in college today... But for me it was different! The college's having its annual day and my club members ( eco club members ) are performing a mime! No, don't expect it to be some prize winning mime, infact too kiddish for an Engg stud, but 'nevertheless' (you'd know the significance if you belong to my college!), WE are performing something for the college!
My part, yes am the goodie girl, sort of an answer to man's problem (since the mime is on an environmental issue), aah, well described like an angel without a halo! yeah right!!!

Well, just about whatever, am searching for a white costume!! ( you see, my screen name Dark_Gal's a whole contradiction to it! Duh! Duh! Duh!!!)
Anyways waiting for tomorrow!!
Lets see what happens, and yeah did i mention that i have to dance like Hrithik Roshan in Jodhaa Akbar where in he turns around spiritually at the end of the Khwaja song!! ( duh! again)

Aah, sayonara for the day!!!