Ignorance is bliss!

| Monday, April 7, 2008 | |
Nice saying! with lots of scope for improvement!!

First of all, apologizes for not blogging for not writing up for a week. Was too busy with things. ( okay, just the cellphone! )
Time, this is one factor which can be good or bad, long or short. Its never satisfying, never! Even when we have a lot of it, we end up wasting it or not knowing the importance of it, and when we have it in scarce amount, we grumble like fools!

Things happen too fast and sometimes too slow, but they have a lasting impact. It makes you go through such uncomfortable and delicate situations where in a wrong stimulus could end up you losing a friend, a person you love! Its all too diplomatic! You either overlook the things you have lost or just keep regretting over it. Both fetch you nothing! That's why i say, Ignorance Is Bliss!

But when it comes to your friends, every philosophy fails! Its like the point of singularity of a black hole where in even light gets defied of its rules and conventions. Its that strong!
Friends ( just your true ones!) don't really need you following rules to get them right, you just need to be yourself, and if you think you need to have rules just for everybody you met... dude! Get a life!

But, one fact! You wouldn't necessarily get a friend who remains all through you, thick and thin. Believe me! Its damn difficult, almost close to impossible. When it's a new day everyday, why not a new behavior everyday? The whole point is, find a friend who'd walk with you, keep pace with you the way you change, not with others relative to you.

but, believe me! Trust your friends like no other! You'll definitely not regret doing it!

And me, myself.. I have three of them who are so flauntable! Nah, and no, They are for LIFE!

Just another day at college. Chem is getting boring than ever before, programming interesting and electronics is doing nothing more than gulping me! Maths is like a person at 40, just carrying on!

Oh well, had a bad migraine attack! ( no comments please! )
And this was not because of chocolates as usual!

don't have much to say about anything else.. presently I am in the 'countdown' mood... ( or mode!)...
Waiting for something and someone...




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wonderful creation.
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