The Worse Nightmare!

| Tuesday, April 22, 2008 | |


Heard it right! Had the pleasure of going through a nightmare, one of the worse for an ENGINEERING student!

Here it is:

Scene: I get transferred or rather admitted to a strange place, very clean and the air smells weird! (yes, I could smell the air in my dream!) After much sniffing around, I realize that I have welcomed myself in a MEDICAL COLLEGE! And somehow, I've been admitted to the age long course in dentistry! Yuk!

I feel trapped and suffocating! Really! I start to miss all the programming that I have done, start to miss all the machines and workshops I have seen in Engineering! Sob!... And that's when the prof catches me dreaming. Turns out, I am attending a class on Human Anatomy! Yuk! Yuk! Yuk! Sharp eyed, the prof questions me about some weird stuff that is supposed to exist in the human body! I feel like puking!

Class over. I move out of the class and find myself in the corridors of hell (obviously!)

Turns out, my so called seniors have finished a class and they are actually getting out of the class asking each other to get their 'skulls' next class! SPOOKY dude! Real spooky!!!

I gulp! I yell! But just about no one's listening!

......... And then, knock knock!!! I wake up, and I am glad I woke up!

Might sound silly to some, but frankly, this nightmare was real scary!!



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C R D Says:
May 31, 2008 at 3:00 PM

i have a lot of friends who studied and completed enginneering.

knowing them, i dare say THEIR WORST NIGHTMARE would be one in which the guy who's supposed to copy their assignments for them falls ill [:P]

keep writing