The Value Of Love (Hate) !

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I’m thinking about the factors that affect my loneliness.
Most of the time, I can see it coming. Though, I must admit, with an appreciable experience, now I know ways to get there…

It’s a big place; with miles and light-years of loneliness.
Occasionally, I’ve met a few distressed souls.
Some, like me, trying to engulf solitude with all their might and some, unlike me, for whom loneliness is the only alternative.

I repeat, loneliness is the key, and isolation is the lock. Both fit in perfectly, only if they’re made for each other. The rest of the times, there are a million combinations to unlock the barrier between them.

I see green rocks and purple trees. No! I’d like it to be orange.
Soon, I find shade under the orange colored tree.
A signboard does an appearing act. It says,
‘Wish For It And Solitude Gives You.’
It sees me responding with a deja-vu look. It disappears immediately. Yeah, I am the boss!

‘Are you trying to find shelter?’
‘Nope, I’m trying to find my shoe lace. Got a spare one?’

Time for some music. Load play-list ‘Forbidden.’
Yes, I’m thinking about you when I listen to Lift by Poets Of The Fall.
Burning, soaring, high!

(Wry smile) Now, you sure know whom I'm thinking of, when it’s I Hate Everything About You by Three Days Grace.
What better feeling than justifying your hate!

… And so the play-list continues with a lot of Pantera, Nirvana, Metallica, Linkin Park, Lamb of God, Nightwish etc. etc.

Recharged! Replenished!
Hit me! And I swear you'd bear the same! \m/

You sure are wondering what the hate all about is. It's like this:

Would you understand the value of love if you didn't experience hate?

Quote #2

| Saturday, October 3, 2009 | 3 Shouts! |

The Fact That No One Understands You Doesn't Make You An Artist!

Quote #1

| Monday, September 21, 2009 | 1 Shouts! |

"I Hate Green, But Love The Shades!"

( Mu hahaha... --> Skullish Laugh! )


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A conversation’s being born in my mind. Frankly, I can’t make much sense of it. Infer whatever you can. Yeah people, this one’s out for grabs!
Read on.
(The questions are arbitrary. The answers? (Wicked smile!))

‘You seem to have lost a lot. Now, is this all you have?’
‘Never felt fuller.’

‘You look bright today. How many suns have been warming you?’
‘Ask the sunflowers in my field. Each owes a thousand.
Yeah, I’ve somehow beaten Khaled Hossini. It’s all about a million splendid suns.’

‘That’s a new smile that I see. Owe it to something? Or even better, someone?’
‘Yeah. To the zombie trying to suck your blood and pluck your fingers off.’

‘Define happiness.’
‘Sensuality in closed eyes.’

‘And how would you describe these thoughts that you have?’
‘As dark as a rainbow’s shadow…’


| Saturday, July 25, 2009 | 2 Shouts! |
‘You think you’re gonna be alright? ’

‘I think so. Yeah, I T-H-I-N-K so!’

Smiles. Smiles. Smiles. Cries.
Pain. Revisited.

Only this time, the fire’s blue in color. Cool, you might say. (In the literal sense, of course!)
But hey, it’s still a fire.

And what would you do if you realize that water, which is referred to as poetically blue, repels this blue fire?
Thank the color of the fire which is a cool blue?
Yay! Be optimistic huh?
Definitely, maybe. Probably not.

Trust your hunches and friends, whatever they might be. You don’t ask to be a good friend. You already are, if you think you are. Mutual consent, you know.

When was the last time you cried? Maybe outa happiness, foreign particle in the eye or an even common reason: genuine pain?
As good as it sounds. No jokes.

Fear is definitely how I fall. No wait, make it pseudo fear. I never feel it whole heartedly unless I realize I’ve fallen. Hail LP!

A friend asked, what do I do about the people who aren’t in my life (losers!) anymore? Do I Shift+Del them?
Nah, I replied. I buy a new HD! Brilliant!
Now that’s what you call a life size prototype of a computer engineer.

I’m doing it again. Yes, again. I’m juggling thoughts and pieces of me. Wish me luck.
Though by now, I should pronounce myself to be a pro juggler.
Definitely, maybe. Probably not.

And when was the last time you held onto something really tight, yet silently crying ‘Don’t stay?’
When faced with a decision, toss a coin. Not cause it will settle the doubt, but to know your heart.
Cause while the coin’s still in the air, you’d know what your heart’s silently hoping for. And most of the time, we’re even better fools to ignore this.

‘Shut the doors and make some noise; So the world hears you and you feel alright.’
Ever wondered how much solace this can give you? Trust me; with me… it’s even more than meditation. Violent huh? To each, his own.

Back to LP on my cell phone. What better shoulder to fall on?
‘Pushes Me Away’ and ‘By Myself’ being my favorite anyway. Resurrection? Can’t find a better word. Yes of course.

Move on! Yes, move on! But hell yeah, not in a continuous circle.
Guess the traffic’s more than what I can take.
Applying brakes…

B-R-E-A-K! Up and away!

Definitely maybe. Probably not.

Courtesy: Collision Course Brainwash.

Resurrection -> Through A New Life!

| Monday, June 22, 2009 | 0 Shouts! |
Yeah people, resurrection!

Maybe not through a new post, (Duh! This is a new post! Dumb me! But anyway, you know what I mean! Hmm.. You don't? Dumb you!) but through a new blog!

In short, I've got a new blog! Okay, let me modify it!

WE got a new blog! WE here implies to DG: That's me and ET: That's The Eternal Thinker.

So guys, head there! Be ready for some more darkness!

Witness the power of TWO!

\m/ Darkness Amplified! \m/

The Engineering Baba!

| Monday, April 20, 2009 | 11 Shouts! |
This one was written for an essay competition, and hell no! It didn't win a prize!
Well, whatever!
Do tell me, if you like it! Enjoy the humor, and do not miss Engineer Baba! ;)


I tried to connect these words to find the answer. Nah, too many options, just too many.
Come on, you’re an engineer! If you wouldn’t know, who would?
“Thanks for the sarcasm My Inner Voice! Now let me think!”
Puff! The cloud vanished.

Help. I needed help. I called up a few fellow engicos, in an attempt to quiz them. I did get redundant answers, alright.
I wasn’t satisfied. I called up my best buddy.
“Hey Doc! Could you think like an engineer for a minute and tell me ONE techie invention that shaped our world?”
Silence. I knew it. After a long time, a reply:
“Umm… Why don’t you CALL Engineer Baba? Wouldn’t hurt you know!”
And if you are guessing, NO, it ain’t sarcasm at work, but a link to the answer I was looking for. Hail O Friend!

CALL Engineer Baba. A task in itself. I prepared for it.
With a cool mind, I initiated it.
“Of Pistons and Cams, CMOS and Routers, Algorithms and Databases; Together We Rule, Together We Create!”
Enter Engineer Baba.
He was one of the weirdest guys I had ever seen. Long hair, nerdy look and colorfully crazy, a perfect engineer. Maybe I forgot, Engineer Baba’s an icon, the very first engineer of the Engineering Community.
“Technically, Good Evening Sir! Nice to meet you. It’s a dream come true…”
He cut me short.
“What do you want O half engineer?” (Yeah, I am in the fourth sem!)
I quizzed The Baba. He let out a scary laugh and replied, “Find the answer in the Avatar.
“Avatar? What!?” Before I could think, this:
And then he kinda transformed himself. Now he looked more like a God, only holding a mouse in one hand, a chip in another… and wait a WHEEL in the next.
ZOOP! And then he disappeared.

I found my answer. Yeah, people, THE WHEEL!
This ONE might sound to be the most medieval of all choices amongst a host of inventions like The Cell phone, The Computer, The Internet etc. but sure is the strongest. The importance of an object is reflected by its absence. Guys think about a world without The Wheel; it’s literally impossible!
It sure has evolved over the ages.
Back to basics!
It’s found in almost every part of every machine! Think about cars! Would you even know what a car is?
IT guys! This one’s for you, how about the miniature parts of your PC? Imagine no cooling for your terminal (your PC fan, a moded wheel of course!) when you sweat it out in CS!
If robotics makes you jive, imagine a bot with no functionality whatsoever!
In my opinion, The Wheel, being the most basic of inventions, is definitely the one that shaped the world.
Give it a thought; you wouldn’t want to live in a STILL world. Get moving!

The Inner Voice v/s The Fifth Element of The Universe!

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Three hours of sleeping into the night almost got the better of me in college. I knew I had to hit the bed the moment I reached home. My heart followed suit.

The air conditioner played a hazy tune in the background as I made my bed and darkened the room. All set, I was waiting to prove the 'sleep-in-7-minutes' theory I had formulated. But along with sleep fighting over my brain's processor, another task of thinking was fighting for memory space.

Maybe I just slept thinking of what I could be thinking.

"You aren't supposed to be sleeping at dusk, The Dusk is the most ideal time for Goddess Laxmi to bless our homes; and I don't think she'll be happy seeing you sleep like this!, get up dum bum!!!"

It had to be mum. The realization was accompanied by groans for more sleep. But I also knew I was gonna be fighting a losing battle. Duh!
I prepared to get up. And then it happened. I was staring at the ceiling; and this, after a very long time... getting funnily hypnotized. I let out a hyena-like laugh for falling into this hypnotization shit.

But all I could do was get hypnotized again. I felt energy at my outlines, something like a silver-lining bubbling alternate blots of weird energy.
I felt relaxed and sub-ordinated.
Why the hell?
I thought it was his [;)] thoughts that gave me the feel-good factor, but nah; it's too broad for a specification like that.

I was slowly regaining conscious. I knew it was something more than that. Only this time, I didn't want to turn into Holmes and decode this stuff. I wanted to get carried away.

The light was blinding me, imagine that in a dark room! But wait! What light?
Aaw... Another hyena-like laugh!

"Do I need one of the five elements (water) of The Universe to accomplish the task of waking you up?"

Back to reality! Nothing on the ceiling! I wanted to rap!
Something like Eminem saying "Just lose it! Go crazy!"
Just that the "it" would be me!

"Mum, I need dragons spitting fire to get me off my cocoon. You think you can arrange for one?"


Guys, trust me! Sometimes water ain't that life saving, specially when you are on cuddled up on your warm bed!



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An arbit conversation with a friend got me thinking over this. We’ve all got talking about predicting the future, but I believe, the verb ‘prediction’ not only implies in churning out something bleak and unforeseen but deciphering certain things which were unkempt and unreasonable in what we call The Past.

Time just keeps happening, whether we think about the event passing our by, or just ignoring it.

Synchronization is wholly found only in your mobile phone Setting option, which is to synchronize stuff from your mobile to other connecting devices.

But never in real time.

When we talk about synchronizing, it’s mainly about two arbit stuff trying to look good together with a third invisible parameter called time. But realize it; time is the one that breaks the sync power.

For any event happening, a ThinkPad on the same involves time, and wherever this exists, or rather plying, there are bound to be mismatched hurries.

And voila! As this happens, it is unhandsomely proclaimed as The Past. And you are at the same position as you were before, you didn’t know what it was and neither can you guess now.

Time has no boundaries. The Past merges with The Present, and The Present with The Future.

Prediction is invoked when we have a merger of The Future with The Past…

Arbit theories, as random as random numbers… Well, now, comments guys! J


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Maybe the days of regular blogging are in. I knew I had to catch up with it anyways. Passions don’t die, just improve with time… Aah! (That was from the ThinkPad! :P)

Days are going on real awesome. College has started.

BTW, the SE Comp class’s got promotion! That’s from the Ground Floor to the Second Floor! Whoa! Great achievement, isn’t it? :P

We’ve got a whole new range of subjects. Guys, we actually have a subject called SAD (System Analysis and Design). Now, now, now, that’s one self admitting statement, oh yeah, engineering does get sad, real SAD at times!

Well, somehow, college’s kinda refreshing, new subjects, better Profs, well I find it so, cause of probably the freshness. Will definitely get redundant with time! Aye Aye!

The other day, a couple of friends, we were discussing our profile pics on Orkut.

Mine’s the Linkin Park symbol, I so love it… I mean there are other things in life which I love more than the depiction, but they definitely can’t be ‘pictorised’!

Back to the LP symbol, thinking about it got me into listening to their songs, how much I adore each one of them!

That’s when I thought I could write ‘something’ for LP. No, don’t consider me crazy like the million fans LP have. This is just a fair attempt at improving my writing skills. Talk about enveloping!

So, finally, have a look… it’s an arbit composition. I have no idea what I could label it as: a poem, a story, a prose or whatever.

Better, I’d call it a dedication.

Enjoy it! (You will, if you adore LP, that is! J)

It’s VALENTINE”S DAY and MR. HAUN gets up with the NUMB feeling of something CRAWLIN’ on his skin. He knew he wanted NO MORE SORROW cause he wanted to end up in BREAKING THE HABIT. His FAINT attitude feels the HIGH VOLTAGE but he also know NOBODY’S LISTENING.

He asks himself “WHAT I’VE DONE”, he wants to RUNAWAY but he finds no way, no answer, as he whines “SOMEWHERE I BELONG”.

He moves ONE STEP CLOSER thinking he’ll LEAVE OUT ALL THE REST but all he got was LYING FROM YOU. He seriously wishes to cry out loud PUSHES ME AWAY. All he sees is PAPERCUT paranoia.

Finally, he cries out, showing his anguished veins, it’s MY DECEMBER and he finds his POINTS OF AUTHORITY for he says with an accomplished feeling, “I’ve found a PLACE FOR MY HEAD.”

And now, IN THE END, he feels victory as involuntarily as he finds himself with his HANDS HELD HIGH!

The Poetic Revival

| Thursday, January 22, 2009 | 3 Shouts! |
Now, it's been a real long time since I wrote something! (Shit, I've said this before in one of my previous posts! :P)
Well, it wasn't like I wasn't writing... Maybe I'd put it this way, writing something which I really couldn't translate to be on Morally's...
Yeah, some new interests, new bubbled out talents... Indulged in writing poems!

Okay, don't 'duh!' yourself from here... I know many of us ( including me, in the past tense!) hate poems... They just seem too structured. And we guys, anything arbit is the next best thing!
I've written like 42 poems in a month! People, trust me, it just happens!
Or maybe, some external factors did let IT happen!
Anyways, am glad...
So, maybe a small demo...
One of my poems, find it below... If you think my poem-writing hibernation paid off.. Get back, I'd love to share my poems with you!

Or else, it's the same damn ol' blog waiting to be read... Of course made interesting!


A sunny day, a dusty street,
And I wish to be teleported where our paths would meet.

The air feels dry, but my thoughts heavy,
As the wings of unfamiliarity push themselves in a mode so fiery.

My response to this stimulus is filled with uncertainty,
For my brain anguishes with variegated vanity.

I bring out the best and let the skies get marvelled,
As I lift my rucksack to conquer the path less travelled.

I'd love a feedback!