The Engineering Baba!

| Monday, April 20, 2009 | 11 Shouts! |
This one was written for an essay competition, and hell no! It didn't win a prize!
Well, whatever!
Do tell me, if you like it! Enjoy the humor, and do not miss Engineer Baba! ;)


I tried to connect these words to find the answer. Nah, too many options, just too many.
Come on, you’re an engineer! If you wouldn’t know, who would?
“Thanks for the sarcasm My Inner Voice! Now let me think!”
Puff! The cloud vanished.

Help. I needed help. I called up a few fellow engicos, in an attempt to quiz them. I did get redundant answers, alright.
I wasn’t satisfied. I called up my best buddy.
“Hey Doc! Could you think like an engineer for a minute and tell me ONE techie invention that shaped our world?”
Silence. I knew it. After a long time, a reply:
“Umm… Why don’t you CALL Engineer Baba? Wouldn’t hurt you know!”
And if you are guessing, NO, it ain’t sarcasm at work, but a link to the answer I was looking for. Hail O Friend!

CALL Engineer Baba. A task in itself. I prepared for it.
With a cool mind, I initiated it.
“Of Pistons and Cams, CMOS and Routers, Algorithms and Databases; Together We Rule, Together We Create!”
Enter Engineer Baba.
He was one of the weirdest guys I had ever seen. Long hair, nerdy look and colorfully crazy, a perfect engineer. Maybe I forgot, Engineer Baba’s an icon, the very first engineer of the Engineering Community.
“Technically, Good Evening Sir! Nice to meet you. It’s a dream come true…”
He cut me short.
“What do you want O half engineer?” (Yeah, I am in the fourth sem!)
I quizzed The Baba. He let out a scary laugh and replied, “Find the answer in the Avatar.
“Avatar? What!?” Before I could think, this:
And then he kinda transformed himself. Now he looked more like a God, only holding a mouse in one hand, a chip in another… and wait a WHEEL in the next.
ZOOP! And then he disappeared.

I found my answer. Yeah, people, THE WHEEL!
This ONE might sound to be the most medieval of all choices amongst a host of inventions like The Cell phone, The Computer, The Internet etc. but sure is the strongest. The importance of an object is reflected by its absence. Guys think about a world without The Wheel; it’s literally impossible!
It sure has evolved over the ages.
Back to basics!
It’s found in almost every part of every machine! Think about cars! Would you even know what a car is?
IT guys! This one’s for you, how about the miniature parts of your PC? Imagine no cooling for your terminal (your PC fan, a moded wheel of course!) when you sweat it out in CS!
If robotics makes you jive, imagine a bot with no functionality whatsoever!
In my opinion, The Wheel, being the most basic of inventions, is definitely the one that shaped the world.
Give it a thought; you wouldn’t want to live in a STILL world. Get moving!