| Thursday, July 30, 2009 | 7 Shouts! |
A conversation’s being born in my mind. Frankly, I can’t make much sense of it. Infer whatever you can. Yeah people, this one’s out for grabs!
Read on.
(The questions are arbitrary. The answers? (Wicked smile!))

‘You seem to have lost a lot. Now, is this all you have?’
‘Never felt fuller.’

‘You look bright today. How many suns have been warming you?’
‘Ask the sunflowers in my field. Each owes a thousand.
Yeah, I’ve somehow beaten Khaled Hossini. It’s all about a million splendid suns.’

‘That’s a new smile that I see. Owe it to something? Or even better, someone?’
‘Yeah. To the zombie trying to suck your blood and pluck your fingers off.’

‘Define happiness.’
‘Sensuality in closed eyes.’

‘And how would you describe these thoughts that you have?’
‘As dark as a rainbow’s shadow…’


| Saturday, July 25, 2009 | 2 Shouts! |
‘You think you’re gonna be alright? ’

‘I think so. Yeah, I T-H-I-N-K so!’

Smiles. Smiles. Smiles. Cries.
Pain. Revisited.

Only this time, the fire’s blue in color. Cool, you might say. (In the literal sense, of course!)
But hey, it’s still a fire.

And what would you do if you realize that water, which is referred to as poetically blue, repels this blue fire?
Thank the color of the fire which is a cool blue?
Yay! Be optimistic huh?
Definitely, maybe. Probably not.

Trust your hunches and friends, whatever they might be. You don’t ask to be a good friend. You already are, if you think you are. Mutual consent, you know.

When was the last time you cried? Maybe outa happiness, foreign particle in the eye or an even common reason: genuine pain?
As good as it sounds. No jokes.

Fear is definitely how I fall. No wait, make it pseudo fear. I never feel it whole heartedly unless I realize I’ve fallen. Hail LP!

A friend asked, what do I do about the people who aren’t in my life (losers!) anymore? Do I Shift+Del them?
Nah, I replied. I buy a new HD! Brilliant!
Now that’s what you call a life size prototype of a computer engineer.

I’m doing it again. Yes, again. I’m juggling thoughts and pieces of me. Wish me luck.
Though by now, I should pronounce myself to be a pro juggler.
Definitely, maybe. Probably not.

And when was the last time you held onto something really tight, yet silently crying ‘Don’t stay?’
When faced with a decision, toss a coin. Not cause it will settle the doubt, but to know your heart.
Cause while the coin’s still in the air, you’d know what your heart’s silently hoping for. And most of the time, we’re even better fools to ignore this.

‘Shut the doors and make some noise; So the world hears you and you feel alright.’
Ever wondered how much solace this can give you? Trust me; with me… it’s even more than meditation. Violent huh? To each, his own.

Back to LP on my cell phone. What better shoulder to fall on?
‘Pushes Me Away’ and ‘By Myself’ being my favorite anyway. Resurrection? Can’t find a better word. Yes of course.

Move on! Yes, move on! But hell yeah, not in a continuous circle.
Guess the traffic’s more than what I can take.
Applying brakes…

B-R-E-A-K! Up and away!

Definitely maybe. Probably not.

Courtesy: Collision Course Brainwash.