The Value Of Love (Hate) !

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I’m thinking about the factors that affect my loneliness.
Most of the time, I can see it coming. Though, I must admit, with an appreciable experience, now I know ways to get there…

It’s a big place; with miles and light-years of loneliness.
Occasionally, I’ve met a few distressed souls.
Some, like me, trying to engulf solitude with all their might and some, unlike me, for whom loneliness is the only alternative.

I repeat, loneliness is the key, and isolation is the lock. Both fit in perfectly, only if they’re made for each other. The rest of the times, there are a million combinations to unlock the barrier between them.

I see green rocks and purple trees. No! I’d like it to be orange.
Soon, I find shade under the orange colored tree.
A signboard does an appearing act. It says,
‘Wish For It And Solitude Gives You.’
It sees me responding with a deja-vu look. It disappears immediately. Yeah, I am the boss!

‘Are you trying to find shelter?’
‘Nope, I’m trying to find my shoe lace. Got a spare one?’

Time for some music. Load play-list ‘Forbidden.’
Yes, I’m thinking about you when I listen to Lift by Poets Of The Fall.
Burning, soaring, high!

(Wry smile) Now, you sure know whom I'm thinking of, when it’s I Hate Everything About You by Three Days Grace.
What better feeling than justifying your hate!

… And so the play-list continues with a lot of Pantera, Nirvana, Metallica, Linkin Park, Lamb of God, Nightwish etc. etc.

Recharged! Replenished!
Hit me! And I swear you'd bear the same! \m/

You sure are wondering what the hate all about is. It's like this:

Would you understand the value of love if you didn't experience hate?

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The Fact That No One Understands You Doesn't Make You An Artist!