The Syntax Of A Resurrection 'Under'statement!

| Tuesday, August 19, 2008 | 8 Shouts! |
It's cold and raw. As I look around, the earth seems funnily flabbergasted. The sky, that of a sarcastic hue. I feel like being woken up with a start! I start imagining movement. I reluctantly flag my imagination and as if in acknowledgment, I see a candid illustration in the sky.Like what???
I make sure to hold me, to hold me in one piece so that I can make sense of what I see. An imaginary brush is wading through the sky. I concentrate at it now.
This brush, it first makes a long straight line and then a semi-circle from the end point of the same line. The curve's been adjusted the way we adjust the curves in CAD. (Wow!, I can actually relate!) The curve's small and stops at the mid-point of the same line. Not over as yet. Inclining itself at 45 degrees to the same line, it starts to rush out till it's at level with the same line again.
Eh? Like WHAT was that?
My eyebrow's raised and am literally gasping about what I see. My concentration's getting concentrated to the ultimate level; so much so that I wonder whether it could actually ignite a fire!
As if sensing my helplessness, I see a replay again.. again AND again!
Suddenly, the dumbness inside me fades and I realize it's a..... "R"!
(I almost thought it was a big fat "L" for me! Shit! Though I know I can't really call myself one now! P.S:"L"oser!)
What's that supposed to mean? My name doesn't start with an 'R' and neither my latest crush's! :P (Ya right!)
I grit at this... Yeah still gritting... Gritting and gritting...
And that's when I see the answer!
What?"I am not dead!” I shouted at the voice within!'Ahem!!!' was the answer I got!
My face suddenly has a change of expressions and the whole thing suddenly makes sense.
The Dark Gal's turning into a dead one! I sympathize with my blog which hasn't seen much of me since June. Oh my.. I can actually hear it’s cries and wails! :P
What a hint! I almost 'un'figured it!
Two months has been a long time and I must admit; I have been lazy and busy, occupied and a couch! (Neutralized eh? :P)Yeah whatever!
i am IN now! And now it's getting dark again! (It's absolutely not my problem that the night has stolen the darkness from me! :P)Hahahaa... (The weird and wicked one...!)
Put all this in an endless loop... Ha!
Infinity should be the infinite answer! :)