Love, Is Only Human

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May 7th 2008

It was a sunny morning at the beach. I laid out the beach sheet, a perfect hue of blue to match the warm blue of the ocean.
I inhaled the air, and exhaled a sigh basking in the scent around me. The fragrance of the salty air and dripping sweat. How enchanting.
My thoughts drifted to the warm drink in the trunk. I had to force my mind out of it.
No, Ryan. No.

I looked around. I could bet there wasn't no one like me here.

And then, I saw her. Perched on a red beach spread, gazing at the teens playing volleyball.
The gaze. Yes.
It was too good to be true. I wanted to laugh it off, yes. But the gaze wouldn't let me do so. I could recognize it anywhere. So primal, and yet so raw.
I walked over to her, sat beside her and started gazing at the teens, like her.
It was her turn to laugh it off. Only, my gaze wouldn't let her.

We had dinner together that night.

Three years later.

May 7th 2011
We own a beach house, very close to the sea. Married. A baby on the way.
We were at the beach, again. Teens playing beach ball.

And like three years ago, set out to hunt and celebrate what we call, Love At First Bite.

Food is love, and love is only human.