The Inner Voice v/s The Fifth Element of The Universe!

| Friday, March 6, 2009 | 15 Shouts! |
Three hours of sleeping into the night almost got the better of me in college. I knew I had to hit the bed the moment I reached home. My heart followed suit.

The air conditioner played a hazy tune in the background as I made my bed and darkened the room. All set, I was waiting to prove the 'sleep-in-7-minutes' theory I had formulated. But along with sleep fighting over my brain's processor, another task of thinking was fighting for memory space.

Maybe I just slept thinking of what I could be thinking.

"You aren't supposed to be sleeping at dusk, The Dusk is the most ideal time for Goddess Laxmi to bless our homes; and I don't think she'll be happy seeing you sleep like this!, get up dum bum!!!"

It had to be mum. The realization was accompanied by groans for more sleep. But I also knew I was gonna be fighting a losing battle. Duh!
I prepared to get up. And then it happened. I was staring at the ceiling; and this, after a very long time... getting funnily hypnotized. I let out a hyena-like laugh for falling into this hypnotization shit.

But all I could do was get hypnotized again. I felt energy at my outlines, something like a silver-lining bubbling alternate blots of weird energy.
I felt relaxed and sub-ordinated.
Why the hell?
I thought it was his [;)] thoughts that gave me the feel-good factor, but nah; it's too broad for a specification like that.

I was slowly regaining conscious. I knew it was something more than that. Only this time, I didn't want to turn into Holmes and decode this stuff. I wanted to get carried away.

The light was blinding me, imagine that in a dark room! But wait! What light?
Aaw... Another hyena-like laugh!

"Do I need one of the five elements (water) of The Universe to accomplish the task of waking you up?"

Back to reality! Nothing on the ceiling! I wanted to rap!
Something like Eminem saying "Just lose it! Go crazy!"
Just that the "it" would be me!

"Mum, I need dragons spitting fire to get me off my cocoon. You think you can arrange for one?"


Guys, trust me! Sometimes water ain't that life saving, specially when you are on cuddled up on your warm bed!