Has - Is - Would

| Friday, December 27, 2013 | 1 Shouts! |
I'm stuck. Most of us are.
A life of has-been I keep staring at. A life that has no melancholy is what I wake up to. A life of would-be that I anticipate.
I wanna leave out today, I hope they understand.

The good life ties me down, the ugly one makes me look away. And lately, it's the mixed doubles that's brewing agony.

When this world spins and swirls, I push to jump a little higher. Oh, the tentacles of life!

I'm two faced. One staring at my has-been and the other anxious about the would-be.

I'm faceless in the present.

Burn. And then Ressurrect.

| Wednesday, February 6, 2013 | 2 Shouts! |

Tonight's night the night I am alive again.

You and me, we saw a supernova explode. We built it up, and now we're burning it down. 
You and me, we built an empire, to set it ablaze and watch it with pride. 
You and me, we're freezing our blood to light up the mold, rekindling desire. 
You and me, we're marking our paths, to destroy them in a hurricane.
You and me, we're gonna resurrect.

Cause you let me know we can rise from the ashes that is us.
And I can't wait to burn it down.

Thank you +Linkin Park