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Maybe the days of regular blogging are in. I knew I had to catch up with it anyways. Passions don’t die, just improve with time… Aah! (That was from the ThinkPad! :P)

Days are going on real awesome. College has started.

BTW, the SE Comp class’s got promotion! That’s from the Ground Floor to the Second Floor! Whoa! Great achievement, isn’t it? :P

We’ve got a whole new range of subjects. Guys, we actually have a subject called SAD (System Analysis and Design). Now, now, now, that’s one self admitting statement, oh yeah, engineering does get sad, real SAD at times!

Well, somehow, college’s kinda refreshing, new subjects, better Profs, well I find it so, cause of probably the freshness. Will definitely get redundant with time! Aye Aye!

The other day, a couple of friends, we were discussing our profile pics on Orkut.

Mine’s the Linkin Park symbol, I so love it… I mean there are other things in life which I love more than the depiction, but they definitely can’t be ‘pictorised’!

Back to the LP symbol, thinking about it got me into listening to their songs, how much I adore each one of them!

That’s when I thought I could write ‘something’ for LP. No, don’t consider me crazy like the million fans LP have. This is just a fair attempt at improving my writing skills. Talk about enveloping!

So, finally, have a look… it’s an arbit composition. I have no idea what I could label it as: a poem, a story, a prose or whatever.

Better, I’d call it a dedication.

Enjoy it! (You will, if you adore LP, that is! J)

It’s VALENTINE”S DAY and MR. HAUN gets up with the NUMB feeling of something CRAWLIN’ on his skin. He knew he wanted NO MORE SORROW cause he wanted to end up in BREAKING THE HABIT. His FAINT attitude feels the HIGH VOLTAGE but he also know NOBODY’S LISTENING.

He asks himself “WHAT I’VE DONE”, he wants to RUNAWAY but he finds no way, no answer, as he whines “SOMEWHERE I BELONG”.

He moves ONE STEP CLOSER thinking he’ll LEAVE OUT ALL THE REST but all he got was LYING FROM YOU. He seriously wishes to cry out loud PUSHES ME AWAY. All he sees is PAPERCUT paranoia.

Finally, he cries out, showing his anguished veins, it’s MY DECEMBER and he finds his POINTS OF AUTHORITY for he says with an accomplished feeling, “I’ve found a PLACE FOR MY HEAD.”

And now, IN THE END, he feels victory as involuntarily as he finds himself with his HANDS HELD HIGH!

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Arun Kumar Says:
March 4, 2009 at 3:54 PM

he he...nice prose or poem or whatever...

Great attempt...pls dont take it the wrong way...but i find it a tad funnier too...
i take it the singles u mentioned are ur fav ones...or u just used em since they fit ur story well ??

anyways...u have a nice blog...continue ur passion...


Dark_Gal Says:
March 4, 2009 at 10:47 PM

Hey, thanks for writing in, well, not just for this single post, but for all three of the recent posts I've written.
Well yeah, the singles I mentioned are my favs... the best of LP!

Well, Gonna read your too!

Take care!

Thnx again!