The Good, the Bad, the Ignored!

| Friday, April 11, 2008 | |
No blogs for the past two days.. Nah, was neither busy nor preoccupied. Just a lot of time gone into thinking, thinking and THINKING!
Yeah, I love thinking, specially about the right person or thing, and being the human brain it can lead you to any corner of the universe! Belive me!

9th of April has been one of the most beautiful days of my life. It couldn't go out of mention you know! I think I'd reserve this to a long 'mail' instead!

These two days have been long and hectic, but whatever it is, one friend can make you forget everything that you've gone through and make you feel like 'HOME'!
Its a long away and sometimes frustrating but its worthwhile to go through the paranoia that encompasses you inside.

Dunno, but I think its time I mend my ways and start looking out of the box. After talking to a friend, I realized i could not waste time doing things that I've been doing. It's confusing!
I have always been more of an extra-curricular person, doing everything except more studies.
But then, at the end of the day, what does everyone look out for? Academics results right? Thats frustu! And sometimes it gets over me, non-handlable!

But anyways, do drop in a suggestion if you can find a way out of this mess in my head!
Till then, I sing..
I wanna heal, I wanna feel; what I thought was never real..
I wanna let go off the pain I've held so long..

( No, dude, don't drop in to tell me you're singing the same! :-P )

Anyways, whether am as useless or not, I know I am doing something for you to read- my blog! ;-P ( Okay, bad joke! )

Can't really find anything to write upon.

Well, today we had our techfest Manthan going on.
Me participated in crossfire (debate) and Now Showing (movie making)
Didn't really 'churn' out results but not a bad attempt for a junior amongst seniors. (I believe!)

Lets see what's in store for me tomorrow.

Till then Allah hafiz!

( Frankly, I run out of different-kinds-of-byes every time I end my blog!)

My new bye:


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