Music-The rythm of life!

| Tuesday, April 8, 2008 | |
Been about a fortnight since I am blogging and a friend mentioned about how is it that MUSIC has still not found a way into my blog!

So, Mr. Music, this blog goes out to you.

Ever since I have made sense of what I could hear, music has been an eternal part of me! ( isn't this happening to everyone? Hmmm... Dumb! )

Have been listening to almost all types and kind of music..
But there are some which deserve a mention, some which are real close to


I have not really heard any other rock band playing such 'neat' and 'arranged' music! Seriously! All the others seem just seem to be some 'indecent' noise to me ( with an exception of some songs of course!)

Chester's voice is among the strongest voice I've heard and Mike's rap is like of an intelligent style and manner. ( oh, Fort Minor too deserves appreciation with Mike's all the gang!)

The best songs of linkin park are an entity that can be overhears! No, its impossible to have an order of the best! If you listen to linkin park, you must have realized that each day you'd love one song more than anything else and some day you'd listen to all or none!

Today's favorite is the song with an awesome video! SOMEWHERE I BELONG!

Tomorrow would be My December! Cause its going to be my day tomorrow! Are you reading for-whom-this-is-written??



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