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| Wednesday, April 23, 2008 | |
This one should have come before the previous one, but.. do I look like I care?? :P

April 16, 2008: Had a ball of a time! It was time for the field trip of the Eco Club I belong to of our college.
Seriously refreshing and relieving too! The previous day saw just blank confused faces, some of the members didn't really know whether to make it up or not.
Every community or club you form, you are bound to come across some fools who would like to deny themselves of some pleasure and deny others too.
But then, its upon the 'core' and 'happening' members to decide and let the show run, whatever or whoever!!

We did just that and ignoring a few problem elements, set out on a trip to Big Foot, Loutolim!
Had two of our prof-in-charge accompanying us. Turned out to be a huge success!
We Engineering studs actually played like kids all day long at the venue which was really close to nature. It was a huge rubber plantation with lots of trees and shade! What else could 'quench' our thirst on a hot and humid day!

Played all kinds of games ranging from Antakshari to kho kho to all the kiddish things you can think of! It was school days-resurrected! Redefined!

Really thankful to all who made the trip possible!!!



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