Ressurection after life!

| Monday, March 31, 2008 | |

Wondering what this is? 'Life After Life'!! Came across this in this last two days. Literally it means, even after having life, you know you dont and then suddenly you realise that , it was it that you were waiting for!!

Yeah, am philosophical, infact lots philosophical....

Everything happening with me has to be concluded with a philosophical chant!!!

Moving on to some serious talks, we have been learning since our school days about the balance in nature, the cosmic power about good over evil, about lowness to highness...and so on...

We never do realise the meaning of it, just know the literal meaning..
But when we do come across events happening in our life, we naturally are awed by its depth and trueness..

And this is exactlt what I came across, a subdued feeling of dejection with a whole lot of heavy head... but if you are right and you can see through all this mist in front of you, you will see a solution, an answer. The previous blog mentioned about me being an angel, an answer to man's problem in the play. Well, someone else can do that job for you for a while!

( Okay, I know some of this or probably all of this will sound non-sense to some of you'll but I cant make it too personal you know )

Been an okie-okie day today...
Was just up with friends discussing the sad types in our class, and believe me, more than half are true saddies!

From the saddies to the noticed, chemistry lectures ARE real boring, even the prof says so! Well dude, thats the state of our education system!

Education system! Oh yes, I have a presentation on the topic 'Defects in the current education system and suggestions for the same'. Duh! Pretty boring!

Note: I have nothing against the reserved category students!

But, there's something about reservations which I think is really unfair. I mean almost half the people in my class are from the reserved category. Some deserve to be here and some don't. its all unfair at times. And yeah, a mention about this point in my presentation is gonna give me some hard looks, am sure! But do I look like I care??

Anyways, well I've written enough but this one blog is not what you could read and satisfy yourself! Well, I believe its not up to the mark! But, hey every day is different right?



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