Heal The World!!

| Saturday, March 29, 2008 | |

That was what our mime was called! Huge success, atleast in terms of satisfaction! Loved my part, The Angel! Or rather Man's Answer To His Problems!
The best feedback I've got from my professor was the one that said "We loved your smile, your entry!"
What could be more flattering! And the response from the audience, aah well...awesome!!
And yeah was nicknamed The Angel In Jeans! ( No, didn't really have something 'flowy' to symbolize an angel, but i believe the acting said it all!! ).
The backstage was fun with just all of us acting weird, whackos! Yeah, yeah there was an air of kiddishness in us, as if the mime wasn't enough! :-p
Had planned a movie after the mime, but the SUN, its just geeting on my nerves! Just don't feel like moving out in the afternoons! Pity India playing South Africa in such sun!

Well, its all too symbolic, we actually had a scene in the mime where in the sun turned from yellow to red once we have all the global issue like pollution cropping in. Just proved it this afternoon!

There were other performances too! Like, almost every wannabe singer with a guitar ( oh yeah, thats my new craze- to learn the guitar! ) was on stage performing some number hoping to soothe our rock-programmed ears!
The best one as I was told, was the performance by the college band! They sang Vande Mataram! Real fodus!!
And yeah before that was a tango by my seniors ( well, well, do i have to arbit around, wanting to do everything that I see!!?? ) which was duly appreciated!!

A li'l late to mention, but the performance on the sitar and tabla by my batchmates were equally commendable!! And yeah, the Bharatnatyam dancers too!!


It was all too good!!

Al in a day, yeah all in a day!!


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