Sloth You Are!

| Tuesday, October 19, 2010 | |
Philosophy was the crunch of my life, very subtle crunch.
I could crack it open without losing the flavours that governed the aura of my surroundings.
Deep thoughts with superficial actions, that’s how I defined myself most of the time; and I never found the exact term to define it, until he finally blurted it aloud!

Say what?

I met him as usual. It was the beach side.

Baby, how is your project progressing?”

Perfect!” I replied.

Oh! Nice, so has the testing and integration phase been completed?
My first reaction was my most loved gesture, the raised brow. I let out a naughty giggle. I cleared my throat to speak again; I knew this was going to be long.

Did you know I was a perfectionist?”
He looked puzzled, that was quite expected.

Perfectionist? You must be kidding me!

Alright, I’ll explain. There are two kinds of people who embrace the term perfection. The first kinds are the trivial perfectionists, who leave no stone upturned in completing anything and the second…

He cut me short. "There is a second kind too? Wiki needs to know!"

I slammed him back, “Thank you for the sarcasm, now would you like to listen?

Sure!” Though, the look on face was more of a mocking one.

And I was talking about the second kinds who start something, but have to terminate the same due to certain reasons.

That’s perfection baby?

Hell yeah! It works on the principle of ‘All or Nothing’! Either you remain in state 0 or completely move over to state 1. It’s a digital world honey!


Nah, it’s supposed to be wah!

And that’s exactly the moment when he finally got me the synonym of the conversation we had!

3 Shouts!:

Yayaver Says:
October 20, 2010 at 2:03 AM

Pretty binary way of perfectionism. I loved the starting lines.. they are engaging !

Pushkar Says:
October 20, 2010 at 12:58 PM

Raised an eye-brow at “Baby, how is your project progressing?”

But I like the whole idea!
Do nothing under the pretext of perfectionism. Though one would have to spend some time coming out with the second version of perfectionism.

Dark_Gal Says:
October 20, 2010 at 1:04 PM

Philosophy INDEED is the crunch! ;)

I am grateful this is the very first post of the *dark_gal* you understood!
(And yes, you can now rest your raised brow! :P)