The Mountains, It Will Be!

| Monday, August 22, 2011 | |
Sometimes, you just know it. Sometimes you're close. Sometimes, it's a conspiracy. But, you know.

I get asked, how can you be so sure, so perfectly affirmative about 'the knowing', and then the smiles take over.
Oh no, it's not love, definitely not this.

I've turned nocturnal and serious. I talk more sense ever since I graduated, like some exponential wisdom gained. I would have to mention it was similar to my Klout score increasing to 62 from 53 in one night. No, seriously!

The real question: What's with me and mountains?
The answer should be: Inseparable.

And yeah, the above's a real click. Manali. The place which has memories so strong, I could attain Nirvana/Salvation every time I close my eyes and think about the same.
'The knowing' starts here.

And apparently, it will end here too.
This post will go viral in my mind; and I'm not too keen on divulging any more details.

Subtlety, is the word here. :)

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aniruddh m Says:
September 2, 2011 at 12:46 AM

the writings above the picture means a lot. the understandability is kinda abstract so relating it with proper words would be quite challenging. and also people have different levels of understanding bud i hope i got it right =)